About Praesto

Praesto understands the necessities of fast paced lives characterizing modern world.

Both the mobile app and the website, will enable you to preorder food at the closest restaurant, choose your own menu, select your arrival time and easily pay through credit card.

What makes Praesto so special is that you don’t actually need to be in a hurry to need it, what counts is improving your lunch experience by eliminating useless time loss.

The ways Praesto enhances your experience at the restaurant are many:

  • You only have a 30 min lunch break and you obviously don’t want to give up on a warm and tasty meal
  • You simply want to avoid the queue to order and to pay
  • You are shopping with your friends and you already know that your final destination is your favorite, usual, restaurant
  • You just left the gym and you are literally starving
  • It’s 9PM, you’re still at the library studying, you’re just not in the mood to go home and cook and you really have to go back to study

Praesto's Features

For Users

Find your favourite restaurant

You can choose the most suitable one for any circumstance and occasion among all the different choices that are listed. Closeness, food type, users’ feedback, price will be some of the many available filters.

Preorder your meal

By scrolling through each restaurant’s menu you can select any combination you prefer.

Secure payment with a single touch

As soon as you have chosen everything pay with a click with credit card or your Paypal account.

For Restaurants

Increase your table turnover

Using Praesto will assure an efficiant table management. On average, clients will spend less time sitting down at the table due to the absence of the ordering and payment processes.

Increased visibility

Visibility will be granted by being on the list to every single restaurant on it: sometimes the best cuisines hide in narrow, unknown alleys!

Increase your reputation

Thanks to a rating system, clients can express their opinion on their experience. A higher user ranking grants you to be listed up high.

Enjoy your meal!